Feature film production “The Mark”
Feature film production “The Mark”
Feature film production “The Mark”


Unibrow Pickle Ranch Productions

Inspiring the World Through Stories

UPR Films is a full service production company established in Houston, Texas. Our focus is the management, development and production of feature length and short independent films and television programs; in addition to documentaries, commercials for the web and tv, special events and theater productions. Our strategy is simple — to deliver strategic and tangible results for your project, ranging from consultation to full-scale production of your projects.

We work with our clients every step of the way. We turn visions into reality through a process of strategic planning and budgeting, and then bring in a team of professionals to carry out the plan.

At UPR Films we bring great stories to life through our creativity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next film project.


“The Truth” Feature Film

The feature film “The Truth” was produced in 2012, in association with Massive Filming.

This is the first of a series of feature films that tells the inspiring true story of Christina Melinder. The story revisits her childhood, a time of great struggle and tragedy. Those tragedies continued into her teenage years and then into adulthood, where she is faced with yet more adversity, but through a series of INCREDIBLE events and then is given insight to ”THE TRUTH”.


“The Last Mark” Feature Film

In 2011 we produced our first feature film, “The Last Mark” by Bo Brinkman. The film stars W. Morgan Sheppard (Transformers, The Prestige) as Uncle Bill, Jeremy London (Mallrats, Party of Five) as Hoppy, and Brandon Smith (Friday Night Lights) as Tuffy. The film was completed and premiered in July 2013. Click here for more details on the film!