Feature film production “The Mark”
Feature film production “The Mark”
Feature film production “The Mark”

Extras Needs for “The Truth”

September 30, 2012

THE TRUTH feature film needs extras in multiple locations on Sunday, September 30.
    • Location 1: Sorority house at Texas Tech in December 1970. 1 pm call time. We need EXTRAS (unpaid) at Coppersmith Inn in Galveston to play sorority sisters. You may have a line or two.  A couple of these extras also may join us. Same extras will be used in another scene later shooting in the Memorial area.
    • Location 2: Star Drug Store in Galveston. Followup of scenes started in Location 1. 3 pm call time. Same wardrobe for EXTRAS as previous scene. At this location, EXTRAS OF ALL AGES (unpaid) are welcome but must provide their own wardrobe for a winter scene set in Lubbock. Sweaters and turtlenecks are appropriate. No obvious logos.
    • Location 3: Clear Lake Rehabilitation Hospital. 8 pm call time. Scene is set in Fall 1971 in Houston. We need EXTRAS (unpaid) as doctors in lab coats or scrubs, nurses in traditional white, and adult hospital visitors in wardrobe reflecting a late 60s/early 70s look.
Email casting@uprfilms.com to let us know if you can make it to any of these locations. We look forward to working with you on set.

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